Shall we check out sexy video? Usually, I don't get too excited over websites such as this one for a very simple reason: They are very, very basic! However, this does not always have to be a bad thing, it's just not that exciting, and that's about it...I mean, who the hell would get excited over a website filled with a ton of vanilla videos where nothing too interesting happens, right? Well..a lot of men would. In fact, most men would get off to such a thing, seeing a whole lot of dudes really do not need porn that's too special in order to catch a nut, which is quite understandable. Not everyone has to be an absolute sexual degenerate like me, right? However, sexy video seems a bit too good to be true at times, which the a degree. While the website gives you all of its content for free, with little to no ads popping up, it messes up in all kinds of ways. For starters, not only are the titles of the movies completely misleading at times, but the thumbnails are just straight up fake at times, which can be a bit annoying. However, most of the movies here are pretty fucking great, and I won't really get pissed when something weird opens up for me, because the content here really is top notch. What I like about sexy video is the fact that there's so much "premium" porn in here that you're not even supposed to see for free-floating around, and it's quite amazing how they even manage to keep these things up and going for so much time. It's not like these movies have way too many views or anything like that, or way too many ratings. This page does not seem to get too much traffic, which is a good thing for now.