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Pot Of Gold - S7:E3

Publish Date:06.04.2019
Kyler Quinn is hanging out on the love seat when she hears a suspicious sound behind her. She pivots and spots a frightening leprechaun jolting his willy as he gazes at her. Kyler hurries to her folks, Sebastian Diox and Crimson Morningstar to attempt to let them know. They get over her, advising her there's nothing out there and that she envisioned it. Afterward, Kyler sees the leprechaun as she respects herself in the mirror after a shower. She goes crazy once more, yet again her folks rebate her cases.

The following morning, Kyler awakens to the leprechaun in bed with her, as yet beating his meat. She inquires as to whether the leprechaun will vanish on the off chance that she gives him a chance to screw her. He gestures, so she pulls her rest shorts aside and instructs him to get it over with. They spoon like that for some time, at that point Kyler jumps staring her in the face and knees so her leprechaun sweetheart can pound her legitimately from behind.

Rollin onto her back, Kyler groans as her leprechaun brings her off. He excesses her with a creampie of hot cum directly after. Before Kyler can advise if he's going to stay faithful to his commitment to vanish, her folks come in to discuss the leprechaun. When they understand the leprechaun is genuine and directly in the room, they expose him to uncover Justin Hunt, Kyler's stepbrother. The two guardians go nuts when they understand he came in his sister, who isn't on conception prevention.
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