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Strip For The Win - S6:E4

Publish Date:10.04.2019
Whitney Wright and her stepbrother James Deen are both into the major event however they're cheering for inverse groups. Whitney's group is winning, a lot to her pleasure. She chooses that her favorable luck implies that her stepbro needs to look out for her by bringing her tidbits and beverages. James is happy to do that, however when he returns he says that despite everything he supposes his group is better. They consent to play strip football, with every individual expelling a piece of attire when the contradicting group gets a first down. A little while later, Whitney is out of garments while James still has a couple of briefs. On the following initially somewhere around James' group, Whitney concurs that it's solitary reasonable for her to give her stepbrother a handjob since she's out of things to take off.

After a couple of flicks of her wrist, Whitney inclines in to begin sucking. She cherishes the vibe and taste of James' dick, however when he flips her onto her back and begins devouring her twat that is the thing that truly gets her engine running. At the point when James gets to his feet and positions his hardon at her passageway, Whitney can't state yes enough. Before long he makes them groan her pleasure as he tops her off and screws her right.

Staring her in the face and knees, Whitney gets a doggy style pussy beating that abandons her groaning with pleasure. At that point she moves into James' lap to ride his screw stick. She pivots for some switch cowgirl activity, at that point tosses her head back in pleasure as he excesses her with a creampie of loving adoration. As they both descend from their orgasmic highs, they settle back in to watch the remainder of the amusement.
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