To Catch A Nubile - S13:E4

Publish Date:09.04.2019
Romeo Price is the host of Predator Sting. Today he has his eyes on an all out killjoy who has been sending spontaneous dick pics to Kiara Cole. Romeo teaches Kiara to content the predator to come over, however she incidentally sends the content to her beau Bambino. A lot incredibly, Romeo turns out and blames him for being an absolute wet blanket! He asserts he's Kiara's beau and hauls out his telephone with recordings of him screwing Kiara to demonstrate it.

Kiara is unquestionably into it as she rubs her pussy while Bambino tapes her. She gives him a chance to feel up her exposed twat as she strokes her areolas, at that point jumps staring her in the face and knees to suck Bambino's enormous dick! Pivoting, she spreads her legs so Bambino can take her doggy style and about split his minor sweetheart into equal parts. At that point Kiara climbs onto Bambino's screw stick for a stiffie ride that leaves no uncertainty she's having a decent time being there with him.

Falling onto her back in the video, Kiara spreads her thighs to take Bambino right back inside so he can pound her tight twat into accommodation. He just stops as he dismantles out to cum everywhere on her stomach, leaving Kiara all grins toward the finish of his lovemaking. With such certain video proof, Romeo must choose the option to trust Bambino's story. As the folks are wrapping it up, Kiara turns out to perceive what is taking such a long time and they all consent to set up again for another shot at this.
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